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Rookie Mini Camp | 2024

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McCarthy 'very impressed' with rookies on Day 1


FRISCO, Texas – It's definitely not football season. And what happened on Friday wouldn't exactly be classified as a practice.

But the players were back on the field at The Star, as the Cowboys opened a two-day minicamp for rookies and first-year vets.

There were no pads or even helmets. But what we did have was our first glimpse of the Cowboys' 2024 rookie class, including all eight draft picks and 12 more newly signed undrafted free agents.

The crop of 20 rookies were joined by a handful of first-year veterans (players who spent last year only on the practice squad) and another rookie quarterback on a tryout basis.

All in all, it was definitely a start to the offseason practices, which will take place over the next month, including OTAs and one minicamp practice. After this weekend, the entire team is allowed to participate, but as for these first two days, it's all about the rookies.

And according to head coach Mike McCarthy, he likes what he has seen so far – both on and off the field.

"They've made a huge first impression on everybody and I've talked to everybody," McCarthy said in his press conference. "I've talked to the people that picked them up from the airport. I've talked to people who dropped them off at the hotel. They're always getting evaluated. It's important. There is so much out there on culture. Culture never stays the same. Their responsibility is to come in and help us advance our culture. They've made a huge impression today for Day 1. Hopefully they stay above standard tomorrow."

As for the actual performance on the field, McCarthy reiterated the fact they didn't even wear helmets, so it's not easy to gauge success right away. But again, he liked the way they were prepared for the moment.

"The work on the field was impressive," McCarthy said. "We feel like we say "this is the best group we've ever had' every year. I think the quality of work we've been able to get done since the draft to (now) … kudos to the coaches and players because it definitely showed up today. I'm very impressed with this group. They made a very strong first impression."

Among the rookies, all eyes were on first-round pick Tyler Guyton, who apparently couldn't get to this moment fast enough. Guyton explained how he rented a house near the complex so he could get started in his preparation.

"I couldn't wait to get up here. You can sit at home for two weeks or you can get to work," Guyton said. "This was a great day for us to get started. But it's just the start."

And it continues Saturday with another practice with the rookies.

Here are the players who participated in the rookie minicamp:

Draft picks:

  • Tyler Guyton, OT, Oklahoma
  • Marshawn Kneeland, DE, Western Michigan
  • Cooper Beebe, OL, Kansas State
  • Marist Liufau, LB, Notre Dame
  • Caelen Carson, CB, Wake Forest
  • Ryan Flournoy, WR, SE Missouri State
  • Nathan Thomas, G/T, Louisiana
  • Justin Rogers, DT, Auburn

Undrafted Free Agents:

  • Nathaniel Peat, RB, Missouri
  • Corey Crooms, WR, Minnesota
  • Cam Johnson, WR, Northwestern
  • Brevyn Spann-Ford, TE, Minnesota
  • Alec Holler, TE, Central Florida
  • Denzel Daxon, DT, Illinois
  • Byron Vaughns, LB, Baylor
  • Jason Johnson, LB, UCF
  • Brock Morgensen, LB, South Dakota
  • Julius Wood, S, East Carolina
  • Josh DeBerry, S, Texas A&M
  • Emany Johnson, S, Nevada


  • Mike Hohensee, QB, NW Missouri State

First-Year Players:

  • Josh Butler, CB
  • Durrell Johnson, LB
  • Earl Bostick, OT
  • Princeton Fant, TE
  • Jalen Cropper, WR

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