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Rookie Mini Camp | 2024

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12 undrafted free agents expected for rookie camp


FRISCO, Texas — The TV will host their rookie minicamp on Friday and Saturday this week, as they are expected to welcome in 20 rookies, including 12 undrafted free agents, along with additional tryout players for the rookie event.

It will be the first opportunity to get a look at the eight draft picks that Dallas made in April's draft including first-round pick Tyler Guyton and third-round pick Cooper Beebe on the offensive line.

Second-round pick Marshawn Kneeland, third-round pick Marist Liufau, fifth-round pick Caelen Carson and seventh-round pick Justin Rogers will take the field under Mike Zimmer's direction for the first time. Sixth-round pick Ryan Flournoy and seventh-round pick Nathan Thomas will also hit the field for the first time.

The Cowboys are also expected to have 12 undrafted free agents in the building, although that number won't be official until they sign their contracts on Thursday. Theoretically, they could still flip their intentions to another team which has happened to Dallas in the past although it is a rare occasion.

Here are the 12 undrafted players expected to sign on Thursday:

  • Brevyn Spann-Ford, TE, Minnesota
  • Emany Johnson, S, Nevada
  • Jason Johnson, LB, UCF
  • Alec Holler, TE, UCF
  • Brock Mogensen, LB, South Dakota
  • Julius Wood, S, East Carolina
  • Nathaniel Peat, RB, Missouri
  • Denzel Daxon, DT, Illinois
  • Byron Vaughns, DL, Baylor
  • Corey Crooms, WR, Minnesota
  • Cam Johnson, WR, Northwestern
  • Josh DeBerry, S, Texas A&M

Click here for more info on the 12 undrafted free agents.

The rookie minicamp will also be available to 2023 undrafted free agent acquisitions that did not play in the regular season last year. Those eligible players include WR Jalen Cropper, OT Earl Bostick Jr., CB Josh Butler, TE Princeton Fant and DE Durrell Johnson.

The group will go through two walk-through practices on Friday and one full practice on Saturday with the coaching staff as the large majority gets acclimated in the building. Each day will feature a press conference from Mike McCarthy and locker room access for the media.

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